MRI Physics

Research Topics

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive imaging modality with outstanding soft tissue contrast. Besides anatomical imaging, MRI provides the flexibility of encoding functional information such as velocity. The main research topic of the MR Physics Group is the development of novel MRI methods (such as 4D Flow MRI) for assessing hemodynamic parameters in-vivo. The assessment and improvement of the accuracy and the suitability of spatio-temporal undersampling in phase- contrast MRI is a crucial topic, the main goal remains the applicability of the developed techniques in a clinical setting.

For detailed information, please visit the MRI Physics website.

Volunteer studies

As part of our research projects, we are permanently looking for healthy subjects agreeing to volunteer for an examination.


Moderne Schnittbildverfahren in der Stereotaxie (Masterstudiengang Neurowissenschaften).

Job openings

In addition to the currently listed vacancies, we are looking for physics, mathematics or engineering students interested in writing a BSc or MSc thesis in our group. Please contact us.

Grant support

Köln-Fortune (293/2013)
DFG - Nachwuchsakademie Medizintechnik

Current Projects

Development of highly undersampled, multi-venc 3D phase-contrast MRI Analysis and correction of background phase offsets in phase-contrast MRI Hemodynamics in intracranial aneurysms.
In-vitro analysis of CSF flow using 3D phase-contrast MRI Flow and turbulent kinetic energy in intra-cardiac valves Cerebrospinal fluid hemodynamics.

Group members

Kilian Weiss, Ph.D. (Clinical Scientist, Philips)
René Bastkowski, M.Sc. Med. Phys. (PhD candidate)
Richard Moersdorf, (M.D. candidate)
Jan-Robert Kröger, M.D.

Philip Rauen, M.D.

Kristina Peters, B.Sc. (M.Sc. candidate)

Vincent Hammersen (B.Sc. candidate)

Yannick Feltes (B.Sc. candidate)

Francesca Pavesio (M.D. candidate)

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