Data Science

Research Topics

The aim of our research group is to develop, test and deploy artificial intelligence methods in radiology as well as to perform data curation, pre- and post-processing.

Our current projects include deep learning methods for image segmentation and classification and radiomics feature extraction and selection for image classification. However, with the rapid development of techniques, we are exploring other techniques such as unsupervised methods, generative adversarial networks, combining different sources of data among others.

Dr.--Lourenco Caldeira-Liliana
Dr. Liliana Lourenco Caldeira

Data Science Group - Team Leader

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Dr. Mirjam Schöneck

Data Science Group - Researcher

Pranali Raut

Data Science Group - Researcher

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Research Projects

  • Segmentation, Classification and Characterisation of Lymph Nodes
  • Classification and Characterisation of Lung Nodules and Masses
  • Segmentation, Classification and Characterisation of Brain tumours
  • Characterisation of Prostate Lesions
  • Radiomics reproducibility


  • RISK – Risk Maps using T2 mapping and Diffusion MR Sequences of the Prostate (ESR Seed Grant Award  from the European Society of Radiology (ESR) and the European Institute for Biomedical Imaging Research (EIBIR))
  • GAIA – Group for Applied Imaging Application of Artifical Intelligence (Köln Fortune)

Group Members

Laura Oberlinkels
Ibrahim Ahmad
Michael Youpele